cerebrally challenged

this is more like a journal entry. trying to work out why i have such a mental block when it comes to prioritizing key documents for emergency preparedness. i’m good at organizing, prioritizing, and filing stuff in general, but when it comes to disasters and panic, what to grab and what to leave behind, my mind shuts down. and now, with the added challenge of finding all the household essential docs as well, somewhere in the archaeological dig from hell, it seems overwhelming. i’m determined this time to get on top of it, before the next disaster. the more i work at it, the more insurmountable it seems. it should be a no-brainer, right? if a flood, fire, tornado, or hurricane gobbles up most of this mountain of stuff, it would be a blessing in disguise. the trick is retrieving the essential from the non-, before the disaster strikes, and having them accessible to go. i guess other people don’t think about this much, until it’s too late. or else they’re so together, they don’t have to. anyway, this is my latest ocd mission.

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