daydream part 2

ok, never mind about the writing trend that lasted all of two days. which is why i said i don’t make resolutions. the truth is, when i can’t think of something worthwhile to say, which is usually, it’s better to shut up.

meanwhile, if you’ll bear with me and keep your disbelief suspended a little longer, here is part 2 of my daydream [disclaimer, don’t panic, feel free to sleep through it, blah blah blah…]:

ok, so you’ll recall in our last episode, we had the proverbial hippie farm on the mountain, with my outlier music/arts venue, etc. (home-built airship tethered to the mooring mast, scotch and martinis at the bar, jamming all evening on the porch, and so on…).

in this daydream, by day my little place features a fully tech-stocked office/studio, with all the necessary and not-so-necessary hook-ups for computer or electronic work projects or creative tasks. a certain person who knows who they are would set it up and be able to work in it whenever they chose, without distraction or interruption. they could come and go as they please. they would be close to the family when needed, but could get away to concentrate and get work done. time spent in there would be sacred, i.e. not to be disturbed by anyone, including me, except by permission. sort of a work chapel.

meanwhile, back at the ranch, so-to-speak, the rest of the gang could enlist my humble services to help out with things there, thereby freeing up the remote work that needs to be done to pay the bills. or i would get a job and help support the cause.

but in the evening, the work stops and the hanging out/ jams begin, over at the outlier outpost. people can use the studio to create/record music, watch movies, play video games, whatever.

yes, this is a daydream that extends into the evening; just go with it.

do i have ulterior motives in my daydream? sure! it’s an imaginary evil plan to be part of a possible solution for all of us. i could think of worse ideas. i see them being perpetrated around me, every day. by contrast, i’d say my little scheme is clever and resourceful, if not too practical. and best of all, it’s all in my head, where it can’t hurt anyone.

i do have one little condition: sometimes i will just need to go crash, while others party on. i’m an OLD hippie, after all. and being an old hippie, i may reserve the right to have a deadfest every so often; live with it!

stay tuned for the next zany episode.

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