In Ground Pond

After that storm (minus tornadoes), Avdi’s yard became a pond again.  It doesn’t drain into the drainage culvert as you might think, just sits there.  Avdi had to set up a sump pump with a hose emptying into said culvert.  The above-ground pool is sitting in a big pond!  Fortunately the back patio and garden are raised just above flood level, probably not by accident, being situated in a flood plain.  All the leaf piles are de-raked.  I keep expecting to see critters swimming around.

I had walked over after municipal voting, to take care of the usual jobs (other than watering the garden, which was done for me!).  Avdi was out, so I just came and went.  On the way home, he drove by and stopped to say hi.  I kind of liked the feeling of just being in the neighborhood and running into each other, instead of being separated by hundreds of miles.  We even vote at the same school (S’s ex-school)!


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