Primeval Embryonic Fertility Rituals

It was another perfect breezy spring day reaching 80º, and I walked over to A’s to water the garden and do other yard work.

Then I got initiated into the amusing mysteries of the Easter egg hunt, wherein the grownups hide eggs in plain sight and the kids get stressed out or sugared out, depending on their persistence finding them.  (We’re a very eclectic family.)  Basically it’s spring Halloween with asbestos bunnies and chickens.  The deviled eggs were good, though.  And the beer.  Not an activity to do sober.

Today Y confided in me about how they get so mad but feel they have to contain it, not able to let it out in a safe way (i.e. not killing someone).   Thus they shut down, not able to process or deal with it.  That was a lot of confiding, for Y.

I walked back home while it was still daylight and nice out, before a rumored prediction of severe t-storms, hail, and possible [the other T-word].  😵‍💫

BTW, I reached a low weight of 121.6 today!  Another milestone.  I will not be a fat, toothless corpse (if it kills me)!


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