Fridge Parkour

Eventually I was coaxed out of my hiberstate to go do erev preps and spend the night.  All went as usual until…

The highlight of this visit: a very stupid refrigerator climbing maneuver that resulted in falling flat on my back and possibly breaking my arm.  So on top of all the other errands and rides Avdi had to provide, he kindly insisted on taking me to a clinic.  I’m now sporting a wrist brace, and possibly not a fracture, sprain, or dislocation, time will tell. I learned a hard, painful lesson–don’t act like a demented person!

In better news, I had a good time with the kids, including S, when I wasn’t parkouring off the fridge..  Everyone seemed a little calmer and more secure.  E got to go to CRC Shabbat with Avdi.  Jess came over to work, co-watch kids, and help organize the squirrels’ room, while A and E built a shelving unit for it.  A and the kids and I watched a movie together, a rare instance.  Avdi, needless to say, continued to augment his chronic sleep deficit.

In other better news, my brother kindly and generously gave me an early birthday present of an Instacart membership and gift card, so I could afford to have groceries delivered, which I did today.  Yay vegetables!!  Outside it’s cold with icy rain, but I’m inside with groceries!  A novel idea!



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