Timeout for Truce

I spent the night over Avdi’s while he was out.  The predictable tensions between Y and S erupted, but then somehow were subdued, and they quieted down for the night.  I actually got to take a shower and get some sleep.

My morning “alarm” was S standing creepily by my bed and announcing it was time for meds.  Still, it’s an improvement over screaming my name repeatedly, and you can’t fault his dependability.  Meds and coffee accomplished (respectively), he was calm for a while, before suddenly switching to grouchy whining again.  E (who was feeling sick) helped calm him down.

Next thing I know, the miraculous unthinkable happened–after Y heckled S for a while, they actually started playing outside together!  Avdi says it does occur sometimes, but usually Y is antagonizing and hating on S.  Then they were watching TV peaceably on the same sofa!  I couldn’t believe it.  All the above transpired before A got back home.

Avdi took the three older kids to a store they’ve been wanting to go to for costume ideas, and S proceeded to fall asleep across me on the sofa, without a bit of prompting.  We  were like that when the others got back.  I extricated myself and A (who was also starting to feel sick) took me home.  Hopefully we won’t all feel crappy tomorrow.

I think in general the kids are starting to trust me, and I’m starting to feel more at home there.  It’s good practice for a possible hypothetical future move to a house together.  I think I could adjust to that, if I have some privacy and maybe my own minibar!


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