Alien Kid Brain

Remember back in the old days of yestermonth when I had time to think about incorporating good habits into my non-eventful life?  Hahaha!  A self-indulgence of the privileged!  Who has time for such nonsense?

My life now is basically kid-sitting.  I have a full routine of keeping tantrum levels down so Avdi can work and get things done.  In between, there are dishes to wash, weeds to pull, food to prep, errands to run, and even occasionally getting a day off to take care of personal business and sleep.  I have the easy end of the job.

I’m also learning to adapt to changing conditions.  I’m OK with adjusting to a kid-sized mindset, or with being alone in my apartment.  I’m being educated on how alien kid brains develop based on the way we deal with and model behavior.  Kids are not just small adult humans.  They’re much more like dogs, only with less impulse control and more chaos!

Sometimes I have time to snap a photo!




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