STL Summer Comes in Early May

You know this one’s going to be boring, because I’m at my apartment!  Read on, if you need a nap.

It’s, I swear, 90+ degrees out.  I can hear other ACs running.  But in my apartment, with climate control not even turned on, just ceiling fans, it’s completely comfortable (so far).  I’m hoping to keep it that way as long as possible.

As usual in MO, the unstable weather fluctuations make for severe t-storm watches later this evening.  That usually means a 50/50 chance or less of the garden getting watered, or getting relocated to Kansas.  No way to know.

The only gardening getting done here is some repotting of my mini-jungle.  Pretty soon I can start moving some plants out to the microscopic “patio”.  No room for an actual chair, but no reason either.

I have been getting reacquainted with my Gkids by texting, in preparation for their coming move here, so that’s one good thing.  One of my Gkid’s food tastes are so sophisticated, I have no idea what some of the things are!  Guess I’ll find out.

This evening is the shiva zoom, a gathering of family and friends from all over the country to say evening prayers and kaddish for my mother.  I’ve never experienced sitting shiva virtually or remotely, so no idea who or what to expect.

That’s life in the 21st, post-COVID.  Always something new to experience.

Obviously not much to say right now, so here instead are photos of the mini-jungle.  At this point, it’s mostly herbs for me, some lettuces, and some tropicals.  Somehow they keep multiplying (??)  At least my addiction is healthy!




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