Commuting Between Homes

Today I felt OK enough to get up and do some cleaning.  I cleaned and organized the whole refrigerator and freezer.  I figure it’s Pesach cleaning for the next time I stay here alone extendedly.  I fixed a salad for Percy, and one for myself!  I fertilized the greenies.

Last but not least, I walked to my apartment to check in on my seedlings and plants–they were fine–and walked back.  I talked to a human on the way, obviously a dog person.  It’s the first human I’ve encountered for days!

A&K will be back tomorrow night, it turns out.  Tomorrow is supposed to be nice out, so if I feel up to it, I’ll do some garden cleanup.  About time!

In the back of my mind is my mother’s terminal condition, and what comes next.

Here are some flowers.


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