Trainspotting and Cuisine Testing

As it turns out, as usual I did not go hungry at Avdi’s!  First up was this beautiful French-style bread he baked in the bread machine.  It had the perfect crusty exterior and soft interior.  He threw the makings of an Asian-style chicken meal into the slow cooker, and I got some jasmine rice going in the new rice cooker.  I checked on the green babies–doing well!  Then off we went to the transportation museum.

We headed all the way to the back where old trains are stored and maintained, like a train graveyard.  There is always fascinating photography to be found there, as well as just a calm, almost zen-like atmosphere on a rainy, deserted day.  Here are some scenes of yesteryear (with Avdi demonstrating proportion).  You may recognize a few from previous visits, especially “my” turquoise ride.  Appropriately, they played “Get your kicks on Route 66” on the PA system as I drove it into the hypothetical sunset.   (I also got some more exercise!)


Then we went grocery shopping at my favorite store, Global Foods Market.  It’s like a concentrated trip to all over the world, packed into an hour.  One can get lost in familiar and unfamiliar culinary heaven there, and have to be pried out.  Bonus–I get to try some of Avdi’s exotic finds.  The Croatian Orahovac walnut liqueur was particularly tasty!

Back at Avdi’s, he got back to work, and I did whatever chores I could find.  Later, we ate Asian chicken over rice, watched a couple of Expanse episodes, and hung out remotely with Grandkid Y, before driving me home.

So, exercise, cookery, socializing, reading, writing, and train meditation, check.  Now it’s a new day, rinse, repeat.  more later.

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