Back to the Family

Well, I sniffled and hacked on over to the Avdi’s for Shabbat, and was glad to be back.

My Gdaughter J. lost her grandfather today, so it was a sad day for her.  I hope by the end of my visit I helped at least distract her a little.  She and C., with a little chopping help from me, made one of their amazing Shabbat dinners again.  It’s magic alchemy, what they do in the kitchen.  I believe Anthony Bourdain would be impressed.

I also got a little more work done on cleaning up the veg garden, and of course enjoyed all the native flowers still going strong.  The bees were having a frenzy.  If the photos seem a little fuzzy, it’s probably my fog brain, not their fault.

Jess was back from her European trip, so I got to see her again.  She and Avdi gave me this delightful corvid incense burner which I initiated tonight.

Here is my beautiful son on his way out for the evening.  (I helped him lace up the back of his stunning new Victorian tailcoat.)

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