Rainy Final Countdown

It’s been raining for days, mostly due to a tropical storm or two coming up from the south.  We needed those several inches of rain badly, so no complaint here.  The garden and field had become a parched desert.  Now they’re looking alive again.  The “prairie” actually looks somewhat like one now, full of flowers.  As long as we can drive the big moving truck between downpours, we’ll be OK.

The packing process is down to tweaking and repacking to reduce the load to fit the truck.  Downsizing is good, but also complicated.  We’re navigating a labyrinth through constantly shifting mountains of boxes.  Times like this, I envy ancient indigenous people before the stupid white man arrived.  It wasn’t an easy life, but it was so much simpler to travel light and migrate.

These are our last few days in TN.  I have mixed feelings, but mostly I won’t miss it.  It served its purpose, and taught me some things.  At this stage in life, I’m just fortunate if I have a roof over my head and even a tiny garden.  Access to dwindling loved ones is a bonus.  I’ve adapted to worse, and will do it again.

Here are a few rainy flower scenes, heading into the final countdown.  On Sunday I’ll go offline until we get to Ohio.




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