The process of winding down here is moving along.  E continues to repair, restore, and improve the interior/exterior.  This house had some issues, but at least we’re leaving it much better than we found it.

The landscaping still needs some tweaking, but I’m working on it.  It’s mostly cosmetic at this point.  I suspect this will be my gardening finale, other than keeping future temporary rentals minimally maintained.  Just practical reality, I guess.  Ownership is really just borrowship, after all.  Then someone else has to clean up after you.

Here is your daily dose, including a tiny baby eggplant!  Which for me is a big deal, considering the “soil” I’m up against.  See it now, before the varmints get it.  Peppers are doing well, though, and if those tomatoes ever turn red, they’ll be good, too.

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