“Progress” Report

Notice I haven’t posted much about my resolutions of late.  I have a theory that there’s a direct correlation between trump/trauma and losing motivation to do anything.  It’s another manifestation of anxiety/depression.  The only resolution I’ve been pretty consistent with is writing these posts, probably because for me it’s more like a therapeutic outlet, as opposed to reinforcing that sense of the futility, trying to improve or progress in a regressing world.

(I do still get on the Infernal Device, when I think of it, when my back isn’t out.  And sometimes I even revisit the dreaded file crypt.  It’s a lot like the Inquisition.)

I think some of my resolve will revive once we find a more wholesome living situation far away from this depressing state.  Again, I’m not expecting some idyllic situation, just a chance to breathe again and start over, with more outlets and opportunities than we could ever find here.  Just having a garden of our own to work in, animals to care for, family to spend time with, and projects to direct our energy toward should keep us more active and productive.  And the process of moving itself will go a long way toward downsizing and organizing, and also divert me from wasting time online.

Today we got to go help another new friend with some electrical work.  I should say, E did the work and I stood around watching a squirrel do acrobatics out the window.  I have absolutely no clue about electric stuff, but she’s a natural.  When our friend’s outlets finally worked, his face lit up just like the lamps, he was so amazed and happy!  For E, it was just some routine detective work with a multimeter, some tools, and unscrambling some wires.  It worked out well for all of us, because in lieu of payment, we asked him if he could help load the truck when we move in late summer, and he was thrilled to exchange services.  That relieved us of one more worry.  It’s hard to find trustworthy people around here.

Here’s the squirrel doing acrobatics.




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