Ostara at The Almanac

Happy Ostara, or Spring Equinox.  Here it’s pouring, possibly hailing, chilly, with occasional thunder.  I remember first days of spring in the east with snowstorms, so I suppose this is more springlike.  I know all the wildlife that emerged prematurely due to unseasonably warm weather only a week or two ago, has retreated back into its frigid dormancy, if it hasn’t died.  Longtime residents remark upon the unusual climate changes of the last few years.

Meanwhile, in our future state, it’s in the 70s, and lots of flowers are blooming, according to my reliable embedded sources.  No doubt summer is right around the corner!  Pretty soon they’ll be able to winter over tropical plants.  The growing season for veggies will be longer, but some perennials that need to freeze over winter to do well next season will be flat out of luck.

Here at The Almanac, our vast fields of windowsill herbs are wistfully gazing out past the bleak landscape toward the south, imagining their liberation.  We humans are more cautiously optimistic, knowing in some ways we’ll be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.  (Hopefully not literally, as is wont to happen down there these days!)  Our timing could be better, as conditions for people like us, already bad there, will be much worse now under The Dictator.  I hear it’s one of the top worst places for poor seniors to survive.

But we’re resourceful and determined to make the best of a challenging political minefield.  We’ll just make like the poor wildlife, and hunker down for the duration.  With trump skulking about, nowhere is really safe for the majority of Americans or immigrants.  Hopefully it won’t come down to a forced migration to a more conducive climate.  Although Canada may be warmer, at this rate!

Here are some more herbs, being wistful:

(The nasty snuck in there, posing as an herb.)

Well, mysterious sounds and aromas are emanating from The Almanac Kitchen, featuring herbs who bravely sacrificed their lives for the common good, so I must go pay homage.





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