Sweet Arrow Reserve Along the Little Sugarcreek P.1

I know it sounds like a yummy dessert, but it’s a “new” wildlife reserve we explored today.  It consists of vast prairie full of spectacular asters in purple, pink, and white, masses of goldenrod, and many other species of grasses and flowers; and paths winding through shady woods of stately old trees along a creek.  There were many fascinating fungi as well.

The most amazing discovery was a huge, ancient, hollowed out living tree (sycamore, I think) that had its own windows and skylight!  We could easily stand inside it with room to spare.  It was like a hobbit tree!  We spent some time gawking at it and taking turns standing in it.  There’s even a rare sighting of enigmatic YT.

I’ll post this in two parts.  The hobbit tree is in P.2.

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