Rant-Alert: Ohio Sucks!

Ohio is THE most trans-unfriendly state of the union.  It is literally in the dark ages.  I mean, it’s no more than we expected, but it’s still a painful blow.  Nine long months after applying for a simple birth certificate name and gender marker change, submitted with the official medical post-op evidence, they finally got around to sending it back with the gender unchanged.  Normally it would only take a short time, but not for trans people.  This state seems to enjoy playing around with people’s lives, hopes, and dreams.   Ohio refuses to recognize this essential civil right, because it’s still a medieval state.  If your BC doesn’t match your other vital records (SS, driver’s license, etc.) you’re screwed.  Not to mention the humiliation and shame of not being seen for who and what you are in every definable way.  Even traditionally super-conservative states are coming around to the facts, but here in the middle ages, the Inquisition is still very much in control.  End of rant.  Grr argh.  🙁

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