Yellow Springs Waterfalls

I finally took the plunge.  It was hot and airless walking through Glen Helen (except for the huge fish–carp?–swimming in the creek) so when we got to the famous irony yellow springs falls, I took a little bath, and when we got to the little cave with the waterfalls curtain, I jumped right in!  It was cool and refreshing back there, with the dark water-smoothed rocks, and the water bead-curtain in front.  I’ve been meaning to try that.  I’m an aquarian water freak, after all.

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If you look closely, you can see the big fishes.

Picture0804161440_5 Picture0804161440_6

Also, beer—one at home and one at HQ, the tavern.  Because beer.

Picture0804161440_7 Picture0804161440_8



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