Heat Wave at the Almanac

Here in the midwest we’re entering a week of extreme record-setting heat and humidity.  Temps 10-20 degrees above normal, with a heat index of excruciating, are predicted for an extended period.  Volatile side effects of such a system don’t bear thinking about, so I won’t.  I’m just holding on until we can make our exit, to a place that will be even hotter than normal itself.

Climate change is definitely a thing, folks.  The deep south is coming to a northern state near you.  Even Canada will be feeling the effects of our stupidity.  I call it Darwinian: we eliminate our dumb human race and let nature attempt to fix the damage, again.  Let’s hope she can.

Meanwhile, I am very thankful for the circumstances I’m privileged to enjoy: an air-conditioned apartment!  I used to despise people who depended on this luxury, and now here I am, an old person, appreciating the privilege of not being homeless, broiling to death, as too many are, and too many more will be, in the near future.  I’m the person who labored outside for a living for decades, while my office co-workers froze in their air-conditioned cubicles.  I’d still be doing it now, if circumstances hadn’t changed.  I feel for the growing at-risk populations of humans and animals who will bear the heat of our misguided shortsightedness.  I’m one of the fortunate ones, for now.

Meanwhile, for now, flowers are still thriving in the heat after last night’s typical Ohio t-storm.  I never get used to these sudden volatile events, during which I cringe in terror, awaiting the tornadic  end of life as we know it!  It doesn’t really help to know these conditions are no longer unique to this area.  Right now, it’s getting dark, quiet, and ominous again, but it hasn’t fazed our crops here at the almanac!  Today we’re excited to announce the forming of our first ear of corn!  Who knew I was a farmer!  😀  The sunflower is happily following the sun.  Squash is a-squashing.   And other botanical wonders…

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