Boardwalks at Koogler Wetland/Prairie Reserve

Today, extreme humid heat notwithstanding, we decided to pay a long overdue visit to two nearby reserves, Koogler Wetland /Prairie Reserve, and Siebenthaler Fen (wetlands).  The former we haven’t seen in a year, and there have been many improvements made to both parks by Eagle scouts and volunteers.  The boardwalks have been repaired, extended, and made more accessible.  We encountered a beaver dam, a groundhog, a lizard, fish, large ducks, and lots of loud frogs, all of which is encouraging.  Many beautiful varieties of native wildflowers were in bloom, most notably the spectacular pink clouds of queen-of-the-prairie covering the wetlands at the fen.  There were lovely wild pink roses everywhere, masses of delicate blue forget-me-nots, and so much more.  I’ve divided this into two posts with Koogler first and Siebenthaler second.

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