Erev at the Fen Wetlands

At the fen on this beautiful cool sunny evening, I was happy to see forget-me-nots (Myosotis) along the water!  More of the huge dead trees have fallen, allowing for more wetland grasses to spring up like a swampy meadow.  It looked like a jungle.  I have yet to ID all the plants.

Picture0513161821_7 Picture0513161821_8 Picture0513161821_6 Picture0513161821_5 Picture0513161823_8 Picture0513161821_2 Picture0513161823_3 Picture0513161823_5 Picture0513161823_6 Picture0513161823_1 Picture0513161823_2 Picture0513161825_7 Picture0513161825_6 Picture0513161825_4 Picture0513161825_5 Picture0513161825_2 Picture0513161827_5 Picture0513161827_4

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