Our Un-Mother’s Day Outing, P.1—Extreme Trees

My mother is a demented shadow of her old self, and E’s is a dysfunctional, delusional mental case who abandoned her, so we decided to do our own thing the day before Mother’s Day to salvage something meaningful.  We made a fun day of it, while avoiding the insanity that is actual M-day.

First we went to a yard sale sponsored by Glen Helen Nature Preserve, to donate to their good cause.  I got some great books, and E got some household items.  Then we hiked the trail to the falls and through the woods, where there were some beautiful wildflowers and trees.  As usual. I’ve divided the photos up into several posts.

Last but not least, we bought a few things at our favorite shop in Yellow Springs, Ravenwood, and then adjourned to our HQ, the Tavern, for craft beers and food.

Here are some of my favorite trees, and some tree-huggers.

Picture0507161623_1 Picture0507161623_5 Picture0507161622_6 Picture0507161622_7 Picture0507161620_3 Picture0507161623_4 Picture0507161623_3Picture0507161623_6



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