L42’s Almanac

We here at the Almanac can safely predict that tonight will be The Final Freeze Danger of the season!  Tomorrow is a new day of Official Spring Planting.

Or, technically some time this week, after we take care of another medical procedure, wherein E will be laid up recovering and I will be happily gardening.  I’m chomping at the bit.  My seedlings are chomping, too–they’re threatening to jump off the sills and devour us.

These Ohio winters are a big bummer!  They don’t actually get respectable blizzards, just long dreary cold with teasers of false warm spells.  But at least frost-free comes a month earlier than where I’m from, so that’s something.  It can’t come too soon.  The rainbow was a Sign.  Every cloud…

(This being a folksy Almanac, I’m allowed to use clichés as much as I want, so bite me.  See what I did there?)

Here is a cheery rainbow.




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