Back at the Gorge

It was a brilliantly sunny, very windy day in the mid-60s, so we checked out Clifton Gorge in the early spring.  OK, it’s not technically spring, but it may as well be.  The water was gushing and falling far below in the deep gorge, and a few brave wildflowers (and masses of runaway grape hyacinths and daffodils) were showing.  There was a garter snake.

The big sky was full of amazing clouds, so I’ll devote a separate post to some early spring Ohio scenes.  If you visit Ohio in winter, you’d come away with a very drab, bleak picture; but come March, the vast fields, farms, and sky burst into life.  Lots of raptors, turkey vultures, mallard ducks, ravens, geese, etc.  And sheep and cattle farms.  Old round-roofed barns that are dwindling.  You can almost imagine the old, simpler Ohio, before the industrial/economic collapse.

See “Clouds”, following.

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