fungus motherlode at the narrows 1

it was a warm, sunny day so we explored more of the narrows and discovered a ‘new’ trail which revealed some amazing natural wonders.  we hit THE motherlode of fungi!  i’ll have to post one set of just fungus photos alone, there were so many to choose from.  there were some amazing old trees, an old fireplace from some home that is no longer there, a big hanging (wasp?) nest, intimidating locust trees with their  huge thorns growing right out of the main trunk, and of course the always photogenic serene little miami river.  about four miles worth of walking must have burned a few calories, we hope.

here are fungi.  see ff. for more photos.

Picture1125151333_5 Picture1125151342_4 Picture1125151340_2 Picture1125151340_1 Picture1125151340_8 Picture1125151340_7 Picture1125151340_6 Picture1125151338_8 Picture1125151338_7 Picture1125151338_6 Picture1125151338_5 Picture1125151338_4 Picture1125151338_3 Picture1125151338_2 Picture1125151336_3 Picture1125151336_2 Picture1125151336_1 Picture1125151335_3 Picture1125151335_1 Picture1125151333_7 Picture1125151333_6 Picture1125151335_2

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