double feature part 1

yesterday, after stopping at Peifer orchards to get squashes and apples, we took on both John Bryan and Glen Helen in a single afternoon.  (hey, hiking is free, and we’re poor.)  the resulting photos are too numerous to contain in one post, as usual, so here’s part one.

Picture1025151833_2 Picture1025151833_3 Picture1025151833_5 Picture1025151833_7 Picture1025151833_6 Picture1025151833_8 Picture1025151831_2 Picture1025151831_8 Picture1025151831_7 Picture1025151836_3 Picture1025151836_2 Picture1025151836_8 Picture1025151836_7 Picture1025151836_6 Picture1025151831_6Picture1025151833_1


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