reality sucks (rant alert)

just when you thought it couldn’t get any harder…it’s true what they say about most americans being one setback or catastrophic event away from ruin.  anyone who doesn’t think that the health insurance industry in this country is one huge greedy mega-scam, hasn’t met reality.

E’s insurance, which had assured her in writing it would cover/reimburse much of her huge (and legit) surgical expenses, now suddenly, after stringing her along for months (years, when you add up all the confused paperwork back and forth), totally reversed and contradicted themselves, and claim they will only reimburse a minute percent, and then charge her some hideously ridiculous amount out of pocket which she couldn’t repay in a lifetime.  plus now the kind benefactor who helped her out up front has to wait even longer for reimbursement.

so now, on top of possibly not being able to get qualified for a home loan so we can move to TN,  we have this epic fail on the part of the insurance company.  and the whole legal name change process depends on resolving this first.  so we are majorly screwed.  welcome to the reality of regular folks who don’t have money to buy their way out of trouble, and who don’t conform to society’s concept of ‘normal’.

anyway, what would have been just a long, exhausting haul to and from philly for a routine surgical follow-up (she’s doing well, and Dr. Leis is wonderful as ever), through some beautiful mountains and fond connections, turned into yet another setback in an already difficult struggle to put the past behind and find some small degree of peace and normalcy in new surroundings, for the short time we have left.

she haven’t given up yet, and is still in the process of negotiations on all fronts, so hopefully we can fight this wrongful treatment and get the proper reimbursement and move on.  end of rant.

on a cheerier note, here are some scenes driving through mountains of PA.

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