a first and last

well, we finally did it:  the full circuit of clifton gorge and john bryan, consisting of 4 1/2 to 5 miles RT and several hours worth of rugged trails along a deep water gorge between huge cliffs, waterfalls, streams, and forest, left by ancient glaciers.  E. used to hike it alone as a kid, as her only refuge, and will miss it as if it were her family.  so it’s like a first and a last.

there are so many beautiful scenes to try to capture this time of year, as the first breath of autumn starts to move in.  here are just a few.

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2 thoughts on “a first and last

  1. I know you will find new beautiful places to walk, but I’m honestly going to miss these walk photos. They look like beautiful spots.

  2. I know we will, and hopefully often with you. I always think of you as we’re walking, knowing how much you appreciate such things. The fungi and lichens alone would impress you. Thanks for liking! your photos leave mine behind in the dust! I really need to get over my tech phobias and use an actual camera. all in good time.

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