the daily fungus

i’m thinking of calling my blog “the daily fungus”.  what do you think?  speaking of which, after last night’s rain, we hit the motherlode of fungi in john bryan park today.  witness:


Picture0824151435_5 Picture0824151433_6 Picture0824151433_5 Picture0824151433_4 Picture0824151431_3 Picture0824151431_2 Picture0824151431_5 Picture0824151431_8 Picture0824151431_6

pretty awesome.  as is anything water, as you can see from my obsessive water shots:

Picture0824151437_1 Picture0824151437_7 Picture0824151435_3 Picture0824151435_2 Picture0824151433_3 Picture0824151433_2

i can see you’re going to be left cliffhanging on my other narrative for a while longer, until i get back to it.  try to hang on…


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