Here are last night’s lights, and more to come for erev Shabbat and Chanukah combined.  Our loaded dreidels were coming up all gimels last night, ensuring lots of M&Ms and shots.  Weee.  Hence the Skullies’ slightly bloodshot look.

Well, back to the kitchen with me.

It’s also my oldest granddaughter’s birthday.  I wish her much happiness and success.

Blintzed Out

All latked and blintzed (©™) out, so E took over the kitchen to make one of her yummy Italian pasta meals involving Cheese.

Really, I could start a whole new language, Tolkien-like, with all my coined expressions.  If I had a coin for each of them, I’d be, uh…gelted!   Ahaha  I so punny.  Jewish “humor”.  :/

Here are the Skullies, anticipating erev #3 with all its fixes, while we anxiously await our long-overdue move.  It doesn’t take much to keep us old bats amused.





After the Sugar Rush

The Skullies are looking especially *festive* today—could it be all the sugar and beer?

This is a Founders dark porter with chocolate/caramel undertones.  E made these decadent chocolate chip/M&Ms cookies, because you can never have too many sweets on Chanukah.  Satan Claus, eat your heart out.

I nailed these homemade-from-scratch cheese and cherry-cheese blintzes.  There are like 1,000 steps, but it’s all worth it.

Later…more lights.  And sugar, probably.

Loaded Dreidel Gambling

As threatened, here are menorah photos.  I swear these particular dreidels are loaded (i.e., the ones I pretested for performance).  I mean, seriously, what are the chances they’d keep landing on gimel?!  Both of our dreidels at the same time!!  I promise I didn’t stage these photos.  Needless to say, M&Ms and shots were in order.  If only M&Ms were money–we’d both break even.  (It doesn’t take much to amuse us po’ folks.)  I think this may be the Skullies’ favorite holiday.  Haha, and you thought it was Halloween.   Chanukah cheers and l’chaim!


I call my Indian-spiced latkes “chaatkes” ©™ for reasons obvious to any street food lover!  As always, probably not original but I take credit anyway.  I made them totally from scratch, and trust me, they’re good.  I made a Middle Eastern-style vegetable chick pea dish to go with them.  Later, there will be candle lights, and dreidel gambling (for M&Ms of course).  Or possibly shots.

Happy Chanukah to all my Jewish peeps.  Maccabees, Wannabes, you know who you are.


Sunset, Sunrise

Transitioning from sadness to Chanukah festivities, here are some erev scenes.  Outside it’s snowing and windy, but we’re ready.  We have donuts!  Most of our holiday decorations were packed away long ago in anticipation of moving, so I have to be extra clever and resourceful with what’s available, my specialty.  I can predict there will be latkes and fixin’s.  Also no doubt more photos later.


In Memoriam

Thirty-two years ago today a little four-year-old died of chronic illness, partly due to medical negligence and incompetence.  He would have been 36 this year.  Almost my son’s age.

The rest of the family were hateful and apathetic.  Hardly was he underground on that freezing day, when the medical debt collectors started hounding and hollering for payment.  On top of all the grief and years of anguish, it was too much.  The consequences, both emotional and financial, continue on to this day.

I know some of you out there can relate.  It’s a reality too many will have to face in a trump economy, without access to decent healthcare, income, or child services.

Anyway, here’s a memorial candle, flowers, Founders Dirty Bastard Scotch-style ale, and a hint of Chanukah cheer to come (tomorrow evening).



It’s a stark world out there.  All over the deep south there were unusual snowstorms, while the west is burning down all the time now.  “Seasonal” is losing its meaning.  Many coastal cities will be underwater soon.  Blind deniers control our planet’s destiny now.  It’s easy to feel hopeless and helpless, which is what they count on.  Don’t give in.  (I’m talking to myself.)