Nature, for a Price

We were headed to Glen Helen, one of our favorite (private non-profit) parks, but now there’s a $5.00 parking fee, which may not sound like much to someone with disposable income to donate to worthy causes, but it eliminates us.  So we moved on to John Bryan (state park), where the bridge and other features are disintegrating, I guess due to lack of funding.

There are such intriguing native foliage and textures, not necessarily in bloom, this time of early summer, if you take time to look.  One thing we poor retired types have is the present time.  The future can look bleak and uncertain from our standpoint, so we try to make the most of the time and resources we have.  Hence these snapshots of the natural world that is still accessible.

Afterwards, we stopped at Peifer Orchards for some fresh local veggies.  The very large old dog is real, not a statue.  His two settings are sleep like a log, and roll over for petting.





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