“Snow” in OH

Yes, it’s been a while, in case you’ve noticed.  Nothing much to say in cold storage, a.k.a. hibernation.  I just curl up in a ball and wait for spring–if there is a spring.  No telling these days.

I find it hilarious, albeit strange, that this latest wintry storm bypassed us for the most part and slammed the deep south, including TN, on its way up the coast.  I can imagine the shock and panic!  No, climate change isn’t a thing!  Meanwhile, everyone’s spreading and dying of COVID, also not real.  Just stay home, dummies, or at least use protection.  It’s not that complicated.

Here’s what passes for snow in SW Ohio!  Even Misu is amused.  My mini-“salad bar” is not, though. It’s been in the teens and even single digits outside for days, weeks, I’ve lost track.  How do people live like this?!  Well, back under I go.


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