The Pesach Flood 2021

I don’t remember a Passover this stormy.  For what seems like 40 days and 40 nights it’s been continuous thunder, lightening, and heavy rains.  Another 2+ inches fell just in the last day and night.  So far we’ve avoided the many tornadoes and destructive winds that the whole southeast is experiencing, though we’re like a swampy island surrounded by flooding.  Parts of TN are literally under water.  It’s a bit nerve-racking, but we got off easy.

Well, back to “slaving in Egypt” (seder#2).  Somehow all this sogginess does not conjure up the proverbial hot, dry desert!  It’s more like the ancient worldwide flood.  Try parting that, Moses, or Noah, as the case may be.  I wouldn’t mind so much, if the giant puddle at the bottom of our field would go ahead and become a permanent pond, with a plague of frogs in it!  Is it too much to ask, crazy weather gods?

Many plants are budding out and starting to flower since the deluge.  Violets are covering any available ground this year.  Appropriately for Pesach, we even have what appears to be the beginning of the coming 17-year cicada plague.





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