Prairie Project: Check

I’m happy to report, as of yesterday (the last warm day for a while), I essentially finished the fall phase of the “prairie” project.  I moved all the piles of woody weeds and briars down the hill into one huge pile, finished mulching the trees, and then seeded most of the area (almost 1/4 acre) with more native wildflowers and grasses.  Soon it will transition from “prairie” to “savannah”.

All I need to do now is add a few more species of aggressive native seeds when they arrive, to compete with exotic invasives, and then sit back and let Mom Nature do her stratification (chill) thing all winter.  Which appears to be here, at last, brrr.  Sync.

Then I cleaned up the shade and sun perennial/wildflower beds around the house, and seeded those with their respective native seeds, lightly mulching with leaves.  I removed big clumps of pre-existing liriope (an exotic invasive) and dumped them along the back fence ditch, to do whatever.  I will likewise add a few more native woodland shade wildflower seeds to the appropriate bed, when they arrive, and a couple of desert-like natives to the CA rock garden as well.  I’m really looking forward to seeing what spring reveals next year.

Call it a hobby, or whatever.  This is what keeps me looking forward and not going over to the dark side.


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