Under Pressure

It’s been windy and raining off and on for days, which is a welcome relief for the garden.  Maybe my struggling veggies will get ahead of the varmints chomping on them.  One cornstalk actually has a tassel.  I had to prune a big bouquet of flowers out of the overgrown perennials; not a bad problem to have.  Although the poor lone sunflower couldn’t take the pressure and got bent over backwards.

Yesterday I got to have a video visit with the grandkids who are staying with my son for the summer.  Not quite the same as being there, but still fun.  They keep getting older and taller!  I’m so glad their father is diligent about protecting them all during the pandemic.  Maybe we’ll all live to reunite one day.  Unfortunately his only car just died, so on top of tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of major home repairs and ensuing debt, he has no transportation in case of emergency.  These are difficult times for sure.

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