That Trumpery Hope

I was looking up a synonym for “trivia” and found this:



noun: trumpery; plural noun: trumperies
attractive articles of little value or use.
practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth.

adjective: trumpery
showy but worthless.
“trumpery jewelry”
delusive or shallow.
“that trumpery hope which lets us dupe ourselves”


How fitting and apt!  I was going to say, I seem to alternate between rants and trivia, just to stay balanced, but “trump and trumpery” fits the bill just as well!  This would be one of my “trumpery” posts (or maybe they all are).  Superficial and of little value, other than keeping one amused, and out of the asylum, which has to count for something. Ephemeral hope.  At least the nature photos are visually appealing.

Speaking of which, here are some lettuces and herbs, gazing out at the lame excuse for snow in these parts.  It’s just cold and whitish, like the people here!  Still, my plants haven’t given up the ghost yet.  Kind of like us.

From our animals dept., here are some local amphibians, reptiles, and others spotted recently by a local herping group.  Red-spotted Newts breeding, Fairy Shrimp congregating, a Northern Slimy Salamander, a Jefferson Salamander, an Eastern Fence Lizard, and an Eastern Earth Snake.

Let’s hope they haven’t all frozen in this cold spell.  I’m almost freezing, indoors. It must mean spring is right around the corner.






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