Animals won’t be the only species forced to change their migration habits due to climate change.  Humans will probably be joining them, due to political climate change as well.  It might be a good idea for all vulnerable individuals to have a Plan B and current valid passports at all times.  I wonder if California and Canada will have to enforce stricter residence qualifications and immigration restrictions.  Because I know I’m not the only one thinking along these lines lately.

My people were forced by persecution to migrate into the Diaspora for millennia.  I’m only alive at all because some of my ancestors read the writing on the wall, and immigrated to America while they still could.  Most weren’t so lucky.  My immigrant predecessors endured and survived the Depression, WWII, McCarthyism, and extreme antisemitism, and here we are full circle.  They must be rolling in their graves to see how fascist this country is turning.

The original native Americans, like animals, were hunted down savagely, and forced into what amounted to concentration camps.  Their few survivors still suffer today, far from their native habitats.  Other Americans didn’t even have the option to come here willingly, but were forced into slavery and exile by the very ancestors of today’s racists.  They never had hope of the American dream, let alone the freedom to achieve it.  Their descendants are increasingly unsafe and disadvantaged in their own home.

These greedy racist bastards will leave no stone unturned making America white supremacist again. Do a quick background check on Bannon and any of them, and you’ll find they make no secret of their extreme white racist agendas.  They feed upon the ignorance and superstition of average white trash, who play right into their propaganda and lies.  Even when these followers themselves become casualties of the alt-right agenda, which they will, they won’t see it coming, because facts are suspect.

The barrage of endlessly worse news coming at us like shrapnel is becoming too much to absorb, which is also part of the agenda–to overwhelm and desensitize us to the facts, until we tune it out and normalize the abnormal.  They get away with increasingly outrageous crimes, while their deluded supporters tell us to get over it.  When conditions for most Americans inevitably deteriorate, it can always be disingenuously blamed on President Obama.

So if it seems like I’m falling into that insidious apathy to insulate myself from the twisted freakshow that is trumpworld, believe me I’m all too aware of it every waking (and even sleeping) hour.  It’s just that I know realistically, in our situation, we’re mostly powerless against such a destructive force.  I want to be part of the resistance, but I also know our limitations and vulnerabilities.  At this late stage in our lives, we’d just like to find a peaceful place to live and be left alone. Like a smart animal in a conflagration, you don’t hang around philosophizing, you scram to safety, and live to fight another day.







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