Volunteers for America

I skipped yesterday, because we were volunteering to set up and register guests at the Greater Dayton Transgender Mental Health Summit: Developing Skills and Confidence for Gender Diverse Populations, presented by Equitas Health.  Many fine doctors, psychologists, lawyers, social workers, educators, students, and laypeople from the community attended sessions and panels.  By volunteering, we got to participate in the sessions and the catered lunch, and meet lots of interesting people.

It was a very educational, worthwhile, long day.  It was good to see so many professionals, parents, and others engaging in proactive service, education, and dialog, in the face of such an adversarial, ignorant political climate.  We were fortunate to have taken care of business under the Obama administration, because most of those legal, medical, and civil protections are now ending.  (Guess which three states still refuse to allow a gender marker change on your birth certificate?  Hint: we live in one, and are moving to another.)  I refrained from taking photos, for obvious reasons.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Skullies were holding down the erev fort, and my dill seedlings were just poking through.  If you look closely, you may be able to make them out.  It’s been cold and snowy off and on, so we’re just laying low and biding our time, avoiding the neighbors from hell, until it’s time to start our moving process.  We’re beyond ready to see the last of this state.






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