L42’s Rx for Coping in a Trump World

Since pre-inauguration news is already so mindbogglingly insane and ludicrous, I suggest the following for your own mental health:  just keep it all at arm’s length, self-censor it down to reliable briefs, and ignore the rest for now, unless you have some superpower we don’t know about.  Let the morons duke it out.  It will get crazier before it sorts itself out.  Worrying and panicking will only give you an ulcer or worse, right when all hope of healthcare is out the window.  (I’m telling myself this.)

Because there still is such a thing as cause and effect.  The sick people “we” elected are on a collision course with disaster that they’ve brought upon themselves.  The sad part is, everyone will suffer for their delusional behavior.  But the good news is, when it finally hits home, and everyone is losing essential, life-perpetuating care, protections, and services, when these conmen are found to be in flagrant disregard of constitutional law and rights, something will have to give. (A loose interpretation of “good”.)

That is, if we are still a democracy.  If we aren’t, then we’re beyond help, we’ve finally gone too far.  Nobody’s god can help us then, because we allowed this, and now we have to reverse it.  Unfortunately, the damage will be done, and it may take years or decades just to recover and pick up where we left off.  Evidently we weren’t as advanced as we like to believe.  If we can learn from this mess and revise our trajectory, there may be hope.  We can drink to that.  And remember…


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