Free Time Travel

One of our favorite cheap pastimes is to wander the endless museum-like acres at one of the local indoor antique malls.  We buy the occasional quality houseware or unique gift for someone, but mostly we’re there to time-travel.  It’s a good (and affordable) way to spend a rainy winter day walking around, imagining a long ago age of kerosene lighting and weird mysterious torture implements.  It helps us keep our goal in mind of moving to TN and setting up shop.

Here are a few of the more picturesque scenes we came upon.  The ship model was huge and very detailed.  The saw-looking things are from actual sawfish.  There were alligators around every bend.  (Don’t shoot the messenger!)  There was an actual working old-fashioned phone booth (not pictured.)  There were authentic Victorian nooks and crannies.  It was very timey-wimey.

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