Feedback Loops from Hell

I’ve been tackling the monster that is sorting and purging my old-school filing system.  In the process, I’ve found a number of helpful DIY articles on how to make small but effective changes to your basic lifestyle habits that will make organizing, and staying that way, more automatic.  More on that later.

Then I came across this blog, dealing with a feedback loop from hell ©™ (as Mark Manson would say @ having to do with the vicious cycle of depression and chaos.  I’ve been there, and there’s a lot of truth in here.  Thus, I’m just sharing the entire article (hit “keep reading” for the rest).

Anyone who has experienced how depression and clutter feed upon each other and incapacitate one, will recognize the validity of this approach.  It echoes what I’m finding to be effective myself—begin with very limited, minimal steps, something very easy and realistic, then STOP, and repeat daily.  At first it’s overwhelming, but in time, the self-affirmation and success of each tiny improvement will encourage you to keep at it, and it becomes your new habit.  It won’t cure the depression, but it definitely works on the sense of hopelessness and guilt.   Read on…


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