Hummer Heaven

Today was a beautiful sunny breezy day with big puffy clouds, the kind for getting outside and working hard.

E got busy scrubbing down our neighbor’s front porch and doors, in preparation for painting.  Meanwhile, I mowed the vast estate of our two yards put together.  The other neighbors, on the other side, the grandkids of the demented elderly woman who lived there, were also out cleaning up their yard, and I helped out and consulted a little over the fence, which was cool.  We all have this kind of conspiracy going on: if we all help each other out, clean up, and take pride in our little section of the world, maybe the other deadbeat neighbors will get the idea and clean up their junkyards!  (Probably not, but at least we’re setting a example, getting along, and possibly raising the property values.)

E and the other lady continue to work through their grieving process together, in between cleaning.  They both suffered extreme family abuse, dysfunction, and no support or understanding when they needed it most, so they have a lot to talk about, which is good for both of them.  It’s very synchronicitous.  Both of them were abandoned by their own families, and then we all happened to meet just at the right time, like a surrogate family.

This is where the hummingbirds come in.  E has a spirit-thing for hummers, and it turns out this lady, and also the kids on the other side, have hummer feeders, too.  So I cleaned up and filled our friend’s nectar feeders, and we hung them from her porch and trees.  Lo and behold, instantly hummers were congregating around E, as they always seem to do!  We now have a Hummer HQ!  When all the hummer-flowers bloom, it will be a mob scene.



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