I confess I’m a little jealous of all my fest-going friends and family this time of year.  Even if we had the cool kind of festivals here in humdrum working-class OH that they have in PA and TN, we couldn’t pull it off, cost-or-age-wise.  Anyway, I’ve had my good times, and my days of higher alcohol tolerance.  I pass the torch along to more worthy successors.

Here, it’s cold and rainy, which is perfect for my herbaceous friends, while inside I’m counting down to chametz drinks!  All in all, not a bad Pesach, in a low-key, non-eventful sort of way.  I don’t miss the old legalistic ordeal one bit.  And E is just thankful for someone’s cultural tradition to celebrate, having not had any of her own.

I seem to be having a writer’s off-day, but I wanted to at least drop in and say hey.

Here’s some of what’s happening in the rain-garden.  Sorry for poor definition; I think my cam may have had a tear in its eye.  (Good excuse, anyway.)

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