First, I’ll get my rant out of the way.  E is still getting the runaround from her so-called insurance and the doctors, who can’t seem to understand a simple female gender marker.  Her expensive retirement insurance (based on income she no longer makes) apparently no longer covers anything, and she keeps getting the same outrageous bills for routine exams that used to be affordable.  She has to keep going from one idiot to another, trying once again to patiently explain at a fifth grade level the simple basic facts, which they should already get by now.  Meanwhile, her new birth certificate and her tax returns, which she desperately needs, are still stalled in bureaucratic legal confusion.  It’s Ohio, but it could be anywhere, USA, wherever ignorance and prejudice prevail.

This has been going on for months.  Just when you think one issue is finally resolved, another slams you in the face.  It’s very frustrating and discouraging for her, on top of all the other losses.  We know one day this will be in the past, and we’ll be able to just live like normal people, but for now it’s a daily battle.  Anyone who thinks this process is a choice, or a walk in the park, is living in some kind of delusion.  You feel completely ostracized, demoralized, humiliated, and helpless most of the time.  Meanwhile, idiot phobic politicians think it’s about guarding bathrooms from pervs, or denying necessary counseling, or some such crap.  Sometimes only the threat of losing their federal funding keeps them under control.  Or it doesn’t, and everyone suffers for their willful ignorance and disregard of human rights.

OK, end of rant.  Otherwise, it’s a beautiful spring day, E is almost recuperated from her latest surgery, and all my plants are coming up!  We’re preparing for Pesach in our own very simple way, and holding down the fort.  We’re thankful for the small mercies we do have, like an affordable place to live in a fairly quiet neighborhood where people leave us alone, and enough food and necessities to live on.  We both left a lot behind, but we have the basics, and we still have hope of a better life away from here, with the painful associations behind us.  All things considered, we have it pretty good.

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