Still under the weather, feeling like a useless blob.  BLAHB, I should say.  While in one of my zombie states, I dreamt that a bunch of old computer geniuses were herded into an old-age facility under aliases, and kept there secretly and mistreated, but I caught on to the conspiracy, a la X-Files, and then it’s all a blur.  I don’t know where my head comes up with this stuff.

Some days, I really care about what’s happening to our politics and country, and other days, like now, I just don’t care anymore.  It’s all too absurd.  But I will always care enough to vote.  It’s the little I can do.

I hear it’s like spring outside.  And as usual the sewer is backing up into our basement, thanks to idiot Ohio and their indifference to crumbling infrastructure in poorer neighborhoods.  It may take an irate Uncle Bernie to come scold them, like in Flint, not that anyone would listen.

On that pleasant note, I’m going back into my fog.  Imagine a gray square, that’s the illustration.



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