In Between States

We’re now between moving trips, preparing for the big one.  We (E, with much trepidation) managed to drive the monster rental van full of heavy boxes down south successfully, unload it ourselves, and drive back up north in the pouring rain.  Not an easy job, but it’s behind us.  We also set up our utilities, etc.  Now for the big moving truck next week, and unloading the heavy furniture ourselves. Then one more trip north to clean the apartment, and then we’re outta here.

Here we are at the TN welcome center (no, that’s not our house!), and then taking a moment to enjoy the crocuses already coming up at our new place in the freakishly warm for Feb. weather.  It’s somewhat of a fixer-upper, but nothing too impossible over time.  The older folks who sold it to us turned out to be very nice and welcoming, and gave us lots of helpful info and hospitality offers.  Already we’re finding people to be at least superficially much more friendly and courteous than up north.

Yesterday (my BD) we said our goodbyes to our shop/tavern friends in Yellow Springs, including Mister Eko, who was amazingly awake for once.  For E. it’s bittersweet to leave her lifelong state, with all its trauma and pain, but also a few good folks and memories.  We hope to get a new start, even this late in life, and just stay under the radar in our adopted home.

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