Endangered Psycho-phants

Some topics are just too repulsive, so I won’t rant about killing endangered elephants for fun and profit.  More qualified commentators can address such disgusting behavior.  It’s just one more sign of trump’s depravity and instability.  And all his sick sycophants (psychophants?) and hypocrites can go to hell with him.  Do they think we’re so stupid as to be decoyed from what’s really happening?  Maybe the endangered elephants are themselves.

Oops, was that ranting?

Meanwhile, back at the real world, we’re just hoping we can fly under the lunatic radar long enough to survive and make ends meet.  We’re not alone there.  The majority of Americans will suffer profoundly for years to come if these tyrants have their way.  It will become hard to distinguish the US from the very dictatorships we claim to distance ourselves from (or are in bed with).

We’re as endangered as the animal kingdom, being a part of it and dependent upon it.  Let’s hope the natural world survives us.

OK, I lied, it was a rant, fooled you.







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