It Can’t Rain All the Time

The sun made a vain attempt at dawn, then gave it up to a cold, rainy November-like day.

Sometimes it’s just dark and stormy, and there’s nothing for it but to weather it and be here now with the ones you’ve chosen to share a life with.  You can’t control the weather or other people, but you can choose to be a small part of the climate solution down on the ground where you are right now.

Until the next ice age is upon us, the sun is usually just around the corner, and the moon still comes out eventually.  And you’ll be relieved to know I’m done with the bad metaphors for now.

“Oh it can’t rain all the time.
The sky won’t fall forever.
And though the night seems long,
Your tears won’t fall, your tears won’t fall,
Your tears won’t fall forever.”
Jane Siberry

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