I keep having these apocalyptic dreams wherein many people are being hunted down and killed, and there’s no way out.  Is it just me, or are others having more nightmares lately?

I’ve always been prone to end-of-the-world/nazi nightmares because of my background, but between the disturbing political turn-of-events, and more personal anxiety, these nightly disturbances seem to be more frequent.

From talking to people online in our anticipated future state, it’s clear those of a more progressive leaning are experiencing growing anxiety and fear in dealing with their less-openminded conservative neighbors.  The phobic net seems to be expanding outward to affect more minority communities, until no one is immune or safe.

It’s sad when so many people feel they have to hide under the radar and not engage in normal interactions, for fear of persecution.  When you’re afraid to patronize a business, or use a bathroom, or practice your traditions, or just walk down the street while being not white, there is something seriously sick and regressive in our democracy.  Likewise if you can’t access basic healthcare or services.

It’s a disease that our poor excuse for leadership is encouraging.  It’s a collective dumbing-down of society.  It’s no wonder intelligent people are apprehensive, and feel more like an alien minority.

Extreme troubled times can also bring out the best in human nature, and bring disparate minorities together in mutual support and activism.  I’m seeing more of this trend as well in certain red states.  Some good can come out of turbulent change.  Maybe that’s the only time humans realize just how low we can fall.  We have to be scared out of our lethargy and apathy.

Most of us just want to live in peace, with or without our neighbors.  We only get one life, to use or waste as we please.  So many people around us seem to squander it on nonsense.  There’s enough senseless animosity and injustice in the world to go around, without manufacturing more of it for kicks.

I don’t dream big, or much at all, other than nightmares, but I hope I live to see us wake up from this bad dream, and not to WW3.



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