Bittersweet Days

Always in the back of my mind is the final countdown toward having to say goodby to my grandkids as they move to Florida, the end of this month.  They’ll grow up fast, far away from us for five years, during which time we’ll rarely get to see them.  They are sometimes a challenge, as they go through all their developmental changes, but I’ll take that over an extended absence and separation.

The good side is, I get to spend more time with my son, and older Gdaughter, for as long as they’re still in the area.  There will be plenty of work to do prepping their house and yard for selling eventually, and lots of pub-crawls, too!  Life is all about adaptation to change, not all of which is a bad thing.

Meanwhile, life goes on back at the hacienda.  This is the golden time of summer, when sunflowers, black-eyed susans, and other yellow flowers reign over the garden.  If you think about it, all you really have are these fleeting moments to savor.  It’s all about the balance of sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami.





I realize this has to be the most boring blog in the world, but it’s my humble attempt at balancing all the terrifying crap in the daily news with more natural, reliable elements.  Even when insane criminals rule our country, the natural world just goes on as usual, trying to survive the damage we’re doing, and presenting us with beauty and hope in the process.


Squashing It

The kitchen and garden are where it’s happening lately.  Here is one of E’s infamous savory Italian-style pies, the first in TN.  If we reveal the ingredients, we’ll have to kill you.  And her world famous challah.

The harvest is starting to really pick up.  Yellow squash out the wazoo, tomatoes ripening, and these pumpkins are looking serious.

Last but not least, flowers!




Living Arts

Yesterday evening, while my son went to a poetry slam, my oldest Gson took over the kitchen to make really fabulous tacos from scratch.  Here is Chef K, working his culinary magic.  “Get out of my kitchen!”

Meanwhile, my youngest Gdaughter Y and youngest Gson S danced to live ukulele and guitar by L.  [Not me, I’m not that talented.]

Later we adjourned to the deck to relax from all the artistry, and rest up for the Big Bedtime Challenge.

Foothills Sunset

As is our custom, we spent yesterday evening with the kids.  We also got some rare grownup conversation time, which is always welcome.

There was an ethereal misty sunset over the mountains, which my excuse for a camera could not adequately capture, but here is my attempt.

Also, they have peaches growing right outside their door!  How did I not know that?





Did I mention yellow squash?  Just today I got another half dozen from the garden.  So I adapted this fun summer squash “noodle” salad, made by julienning raw young yellow (or zucchini) squash, and adding garbanzos, tomatoes (from said garden), corn, peppers, (MSTies will appreciate the reference!), chopped fresh basil, parsley, chives, garlic, shredded mozzarella, fresh-ground pepper, and a homemade lime vinaigrette.  It’s really light and healthy, but filling.  With a local craft seasonal gose, and E’s homemade bread, it’s a whole balanced meal!