Bittersweet Days

I was up at dawn, setting up for E’s birthday.  I try to make up as best I can for all the losses and abandonment by her entire family.  It’s both a happy and sad day, because it’s also my son’s final anniversary.  I feel heartbroken for him and his family, which includes me.  Not a day to celebrate entirely, but we must live on and adapt, and weigh new paths carefully, so that everyone involved is served, not lost in the shuffle.  Some difficult decisions ahead for all of us.



Erev RH Cheers

Dawn of erev Rosh Hashanah.  I started preps not long after.

It’s amazing what you can do with simple basic staples to create a holiday feast.  In addition to the holiday challah by E, local apples, and honey, we have:

Turkey with carrots, red potatoes, and fresh homegrown herbs, brussels sprouts, and pineapple ginger spiced sweet potatoes,

middle eastern-style potato kugel, and sweet-spiced apple noodle kugel with apricot, peach, and sultanas,

and a homemade cherry/ raspberry cobbler for dessert.  L’chaim!

Not bad on a poverty budget!  (I should mention, this will feed us for the next couple of days, I just made it all at once, to be efficient.)  It’s like thanksgiving, only for a better cause, and I’m thankful we are able to celebrate to this extent, despite all our personal and national setbacks.

I wish my family, who are going through their own difficult transitions, a year of finding some peace and solutions in the midst of turmoil.



Who Needs Pumpkins When There Is Fungus!

I”ve lost count of how many days I haven’t posted, so I’m making up for it with a rainbow kaleidoscope of colors and textures from yesterday at John Bryan.

The edge of autumn is one of the most mystical times in the forest.  It was wet, quiet, and full of life in grand finale mode.   Most amazing were the bright orange and other fungi lurking around every bend.  There were constellations of starry lavender-pale blue asters, masses of orange and yellow jewelweed, bright blue lobelia, and sprays of yellow flowers everywhere.  We saw (but couldn’t capture) a group of deer just off the path.  The water was deep and sparkling, and leaves were starting to turn and fall.

I’ll post this in several parts.  First up is the fungus show.