Lounge Cat

Now that the kitty sleeps in bed every night, does that make her official?  I still haven’t named her, though.  At sunrise she and I go outside to chase critters and take photos, respectively.  She follows me all over the yard like a dog.  I’m the cat whisperer.

Here are: yummy cornbread by E, sunrise and flowers after rain, and lounge-cat.



Autumn Light and Shadow

Finally, I can work outside without being broiled to death!

Yesterday was a beautiful, cool day to mulch the new trees, lay down more marble gravel for drainage around the foundation, prep my herb beds for additional plantings, and other yard work.  Camo-cat “helped”.  The changing autumn sunlight brings out flower highlights and shadow play.

Today it’s back to raining, which works for me and my tree babies.  Most of the trees are still green, which I’m not used to; the changes here are so gradual.  Whereas the temps flick on and off suddenly like a switch.



Just after sunrise, I was outside taking photos, when I noticed the largest possum I’ve ever seen crossing the field and running full speed along the top of our fence into the big holly.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to catch it with this excuse for a camera, but it was impressive.  I’ve tried to capture the way the light has dramatically changed since it’s gotten colder.


Change in Weather

After all the rain, it turned into a beautiful cool, windy, sunny day, perfect for planting some trees (courtesy of my son).  The change in weather creates lots of interesting natural transformations, such as leaves:


Flowers blooming in our field:

More flowers:

Veggies–these are cowpea pods and a jalapeño:

The unexpected–these are actually mushrooms, and something (garlic/onions?) coming up in the compost:

And last but not least, some of E’s excellent challah:

More Firsts

This Hurricane Michael has set some major historical precedents in terms of sustained strength on land, timing, and other meteorological conditions due to human-caused oceanic and atmospheric warming.  Coming so soon on top of Hurricane Florence, the devastation is even more catastrophic.

Closer to home, the rain that began last night and continues to fall was great for trees and plants, but too much even for our water-loving kitty friend, who opted for her first sleepover with us.  Every time I show her the door now, she takes one look at the deluge, and stays put.  Smart cat.  She prefers her water in climate-controlled convenience.

Yesterday evening was also enhanced by my son’s presence, after he got done working and resting at his Knoxville location (our office).  I’m so glad he feels at home here, and hope it becomes a habit.  Maybe the cookie (and booze) rewards are working!


Up Next

Up next we have catastrophic Hurricane Michael slamming into Florida, the Gulf states, on up through Georgia and the Carolinas, which haven’t recovered from their last devastating hurricane.  This one is setting new historic records.  It’s not looking good for the future of the southeast coast, in fact the east coast in general.

Meanwhile, safely (for now) inland, we await the rains on the edge of the storm.  My son dropped by today to work and hang out, as he plans to make a quick visit to the kids in Florida this weekend.  He may need a seaplane for that.

Here are flowers and trees anticipating welcome rain.



Next Up

Another major hurricane, Michael, is about to slam the Gulf Coast and Florida, so that probably means some rain for us later in the week.  They’ve already called some states of emergency and evacuations down there.

I feel for people who can’t afford to move away from that area, because at this rate it will soon no longer exist as we know it.  Nature is no respecter of humans, including climate change deniers.

Further inland, the season continues to just sidle along, in typical southern fashion.  Change is slow to come here.



Vacant Lot of Dreams

Casting about for photo subjects of interest this time of year can be challenging, especially living in what amounts to a stark open field.

Still, if you look a little closer, there are subtle colors and enchanting textures to be found everywhere.  It just remains to capture them with what barely counts as a camera, and add a little editing here and there.

I call it–wait for it–trick or tweak!  (Apologies to you pun-haters…you know who you are.)

I guess if there’s a moral or point to this, it’s this: scrape away the human layer of complicated crap, and what you always have left is beautiful, reliable, complex yet simple… nature.  It’s therapeutic, when the world is going mad around you.


Confused Seasons

It feels like a humid 90° in October.  Most of the trees are still green, and flowers are going strong.  The forecast says mid-week temps will suddenly drop like a roller coaster to 60s/40s, with no gradual transition.  So this is Fall in Tennessee.  Huh.  On the plus side, winter here is almost balmy compared to the north, so there is that.

Here are yet more flowers, cat selfies, some yummy cookies by E, and the only fall leaves to be found in our yard, and they started turning in summer.

I’m purposely not commenting on the travesty that is our current repug government, it’s just too distressing. It’s easy to just get resigned and hopeless, but make sure you vote these fools out, is all I can say.