TN Days

While my older granddaughter took my son out for F-day sushi yesterday evening, we watched the kids again.  We ate blackberries from the masses of berry bushes in the woods, and found beautiful daylilies and other flowers blooming.  Here are some:

…and some wildlife sighted while exploring:

Back at home today, more flowers, and especially squash, are going crazy.  Guess what we mostly eat around here?  Today’s menu was Italian.

Meanwhile, E was hard at work replacing the old dilapidated front porch railings, and reframing the whole thing from scratch with sturdy lumber.  Eventually it will be more enclosed.  Here it is so far:




Here are random scenes from yesterday evening up on the foothill.  If you squint, you can just make out the lizard (skink I believe) out on the deck.

Here are some flowers at home today.

We’ve been able to get over to my son’s more frequently, and hopefully being helpful.  Sometimes I wonder!  But we try.  Happily, he’s getting out more, making new friends, and looking happier.


Here Today

Last night we watched the kids while my son and adult granddaughter got a much-needed enjoyable evening out.  “Watch” being a loose term for just being there while the kids watched movies.  Eventually they all made it to bed.  I did spend some fun one-on-one with the boys.

I try to make the most of my narrowing window of time with them, because these will be the good memories they and we will retain when they’re older and distant.  I’m very fortunate to have that, and never take it for granted.

Here is the latest, greatest batch of challah by E., and a spectacular new poppy blooming, surrounded by flower friends.


It’s a Jungle Out there

I was feeling devilish yesterday, as in deviled eggs.  Mine are quite wicked.

Here are your daily required flowers.  I’m determined to get this allium right.  The pumpkin blossoms put on quite a show.  And here is my latest favorite poppy, and other flowers.

Out in the jungle holly, the berries and wild grapes are getting ready to ripen.  It remains to be seen who will get to them first, all the birds and bunnies who live in the jungle holly, or us.